Sunday, September 20, 2009

What do you get...

When you have yummy cookies...

And cuteness kid #4 who is supposed to be in bed, but obviously isn't?


I'm not sure if you can tell, but there is at least one bite taken out of every single cookie that was left in our house. (This is not where yummy cookies were when cuteness kid went to bed.)

*Just to clarify, picture of cuteness kid not taken tonight. By the time I got the camera he actually WAS in bed.

So, one of three things will happen tomorrow.

a) Cuteness siblings will not want to eat cookies because "Ewwww, there's a bite in it!"

b) Cuteness siblings will eat cookies

c) Cuteness siblings will say "Ewwww," and then proceed to eat cookies anyway. (I mean, c'mon, they are yummy Andes Mint Cookies.)

Should we post a poll to see who knows our kids the best?


Swilor Family said...

This is fantastic! Cuteness kid #4 is cracking me up. My vote is for C. Actually, I think Mikayla will say, "Umm, who took a bite out of all of the cookies?" - and then eat one. Jayden will say in a disbelieving, loud voice, "Ethan, you took a bite out of all of the cookies?! Ahhhh..." - and then eat one. Matthew will not say anything, just take another bite out of some cookies and leave them there, and Ben Men will hang out and be cute, but he is really thinking, "Sure wish I could have a yummy cookie, and I don't even care there's a bite out of it." For the record, I would eat an Andie's Mint cookie even after Ethan and Matthew take their bites out. They're tasty!

Nicole said...

I would bet my life that your kids will eat them anyway;) And maybe so would I. Don't judge me.

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

I almost peed my pants when I saw what came after cuteness # 4's face! Then David came in and we laughed again. That rocks! Better check the bed to make sure he didn't stow any of them away!

Hernandez Family said...

Haaahhaaahhaaahahaa - I laughed for a full minute without a break - I love that Ethan! And I agree with Janice on all counts. ;)

Jessica said...

I would definitely eat them, even with Ethan marks in them. That kid has guts.

Thanks for sharing them, although by the time my brother-in-law and the missionaries were done with them, there were 2 left. I guess I'm going to need the recipe.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

TOOOO funny! I wasn't expecting the picture of the cookies after Ethan's picture. I tell ya, that kid is so darn cute!

Glad you shared this one!

And, I think they'll eat em anywany!

Winn Family said...

He's so so funny. Plus, what a funny thing to imagine his thoughts while he was doing it...(yes, yes! They're all for me? But where to start....)
That is AWESOME! I had the same thing happen with strawberries and Luke a few months ago...everyone had one bite...and was stashed in a giant cup!
And for REAL, the next time you make them, I totally want one--YUM! They look awesome! Just think, had we not been napping, you wouldn't have that awesome story!

The Blanquie Blog said...

Wow...that's hilarious. The cookies look yummy. I'd eat them.

Sarah said...

Oh i'm laughing and in tears over it. This is partly due to having read the next postings already - the kids' reactions and the bread dough and loaves with bites... Now i remember whose kid was giving her problems with nibbling! I do laugh - just not at you!
I love what you're sharing. :)

Sarah said...

oh wait, that was you, Cari - with the strawberries in a cup! I remember that!

And yes, what IS he thinking when he's doing it? Any guesses?