Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chocolate Yumminess

Where are the words to describe this cake?

Yumminess. Decadent. Divine.

We made this cake together. The center is homemade-from-scratch-no-kidding-honest-to-goodness-yumminess chocolate mousse. That we made ourselves. With no help. All by ourselves. (OK, so we watched a youtube clip showing us how, but we did it!) The frosting is the essence of perfection. It is the BEST chocolate frosting ever. And this is coming from people who don't like frosting, but this is no mere frosting. In fact, we should probably just call it "whipped essence of angels." In fact, that is what we will call it. So, our Whipped Essence of Angels Mousse cake is the greatest thing ever.

Too bad all of you only get to see a picture of it and didn't get to eat any!