Sunday, August 31, 2008

"The Wall"

For those of you who haven't noticed, we have a "wall" on our blog. This is the place where we put the quotes from our family that crack us up. It's a good read!

Some of you out there are probably wondering, "Why is it called 'the wall?'" Well, back when Jay's sister Becky was living with us in California, we put a piece of poster board on the wall to write down all of the funny things that people said. "That's going on the wall!" was an oft heard comment in our home.

Since we've had kids we've discovered that they are a treasure trove of hilarious comments. Rather than put their wit on a poster board in our home, we've gone digital with our "wall." So, enjoy the crazy awesome funniness of our wall!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Jay and I usually write these together, but as he is on top of Mt. Timpanogos right now getting lost, taking "shortcuts" (down a landslide), almost getting himself killed, and..gasp...getting the camera dirty hiking with some really good friends from high school, you are going to have to listen to my ramblings. And I can pretty much guarantee that it will be rambling because Jay is gone and it is just me and 4 kids. As adorable as they are, adult conversations are not the norm. This is nothing new for us, Jay being gone that is). It does help to know that it is only a matter of a few days before sanity will return. Well, at least as much sanity as we can ever to expect to have.

Actually, things aren't going that bad. Mikayla and Jayden started school on Monday, and they are absolutely loving it. That just leaves Matthew and Ethan at home all day, and that is pretty fun. If you don't count bedtime, things are going great. OK, since bedtime has been lasting about three hours the last couple of nights, perhaps you have to count it. I have to say that when they actually get in bed, and then actually stay in bed, and don't make any more noise because they are actually sleeping (passed out from exhaustion from the previous three hours), I get to take a breather and get psyched up for tomorrow. The wise thing would probably be to go to bed so that I get a good nights rest so that I won't be exhausted in the morning. Enjoying the peace and quiet to the fullest is a must, so I stay up ridiculously late!

I can't wait to enjoy the peace and quiet with Jay by my side making me laugh a gut-wrenching laugh like only he can do. (there goes the quiet) He really is the best-EVER!!! I am so grateful to be married to my very best friend in the world. He makes me so crazy happy. Sometimes I can't get over the fact that we get to be together FOREVER! Does it get any better than that?

I miss you, Jay! I'm glad that you are having fun, and that you were not successful at the whole almost-killing-yourself thing. I suppose the tedious cleaning of the camera is worth the "awesome pictures of Brent almost killing himself" (One of those will have to be posted when you get back). Thank you for being so wonderful. Thank you for everything. I love you with all my heart!