Thursday, February 25, 2010


Getting up in the early hours of the morning that no one is ever supposed to see. Walking (umm... running) in the bitter wind with sub-zero temperatures FOREVER.

Waiting... Delays... More waiting... Running... Running... More Running... Dying... Barely Making it...

For this:

Umm...SO. WORTH. IT.

We got to San Diego early afternoon on Monday and drove the hour and a half to my sister's house in Orange County. We spent the rest of the day in glorious 70 degree weather.

After dinner and family home evening we played "kick-the-can". The indoor version being "kick the paper towel roll". It was so much fun. I hadn't played it since I was a kid and I had completely forgotten all the rules, which I quickly learned as I broke them. They are an amazing family and I am so glad we were able to spend some time with them. They are one of those families that you just want to hang out with with the hope that some of their awesomeness will happen to rub off.

Our hotel was in La Jolla and it was a beautiful part of town. We were minutes from the San Diego Temple. Which is so beautiful, inside and out. We kept going back just to walk around the grounds... and to take lots of pictures. SO FUN!

Tuesday night we went to meet some friends at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown San Diego. It just so happened that that Tuesday was Mardi Gras. Who knew? Apparently... everybody else. Parking was crazy and we got to see a good portion of downtown, which we loved. After we ate we walked around their outdoor mall that was right there. It was huge, beautiful, amazing weather, and so much fun. Walking back to our car we got to watch drunk people riding on buses and shouting to everyone. It was a fun night! :)

So, the week was A-MAZING! I spent my days running, swimming, laying out, sleeping in, whatever I wanted. Evenings were spent with the two of us doing whatever we wanted while enjoying the fantastic weather. My sister, Elaine, and her girls came down one night and we went to Little Italy together. We walked around and ate a lot of gelato. Which reminded us how much we love the stuff and how much we need to go back to Italy.

It was a great week. Thank you to Jay's parents and my sister, Janice, for watching the cuteness kiddos and making it all possible. We appreciate it SO MUCH!!!

It is true. We LOVED it all and we want to go back soon. We think we could even live there. It was THAT fantabulous.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We know

Valentine's Day was over a week ago, but we just wanted to share the cute Valentine's the kids brought to school. My sister saw this on a blog and I was helping her with the photo of her daughter. I decided to do it with Cuteness #1 and #2, as well. Totally going to do it again next year.

Aren't they cute?